Sushi Rolls

Our sushi rolls are provided in easy to serve packs of 2.

Labelled with ingredients and nutritional info.

Chicken Teriyaki 

Chicken teriyaki, cucumber, mayo.

Cooked Tuna (GF)

Cooked Tuna, cucumber, mayo. 


Seafood salad, cucumber, avocado, carrot, red capsicum, mayo.

Salmon (GF)

Raw Atlantic Salmon, cucumber, mayo. 

Prawn & Avocado (GF)

Prawns, avocado, cucumber, mayo.

Vegetarian (GF)

Tofu, carrot, red capsicum, cucumber, mayo.


Sweet Chili Chicken 

Sweet Chili Chicken, cucumber, red capsicum, mayo.

Chicken & Avocado (GF)

Chicken, avocado, cucumber, mayo. 

Spicy Tuna 

Cooked tuna, cucumber, red capsicum, mayo, sriracha sauce.

Avocado (GF)

Avocado, cucumber, mayo.

Teriyaki Beef  

Teriyaki Beef Strips, cucumber, carrot, mayo.

Chili Beef  

Beef Strips, cucumber, mayo, spicy sauce.

Crumbed Chicken  

Crumbed chicken breast, cucumber, mayo.

Katsu Chicken  

Crumbed chicken breast, cucumber, mayo, katsu sauce.

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